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Children Myopia Control Program

Your child's myopia is increasing every year. You are concerned that myopia is not only bringing inconvenience to their daily life, it may also affect their academic performance and even future career choices. 

There are new technologies that can slow down myopia progress by up to 59%.  


Specialty Spec & Contact Lenses

We prescribe specialty contact & spectacle lenses to the unique individuals, whether it is for high myopia, high astigmatism, complex presbyopia, post-refractive surgery, or even corneal changes, like Keratoconus.

We work closely with our patients to help them achieve optimum vision.


Presbyopia (老花眼) & Progressive

For those around 40 years old, presbyopia or 老花眼, may creep up, seeing near objects may become harder and some may even experience eye strain and even headache.  There are different ways to mitigate the symptoms.

We specialize in using progressive lenses & multifocal contact lenses to resolve the presbyopic problem.


Adult Vision & Eye Health

Everything we do is dependent on our eyes.  If we cannot see well,  we cannot live and work well.  Many eye conditions like digital eye strain,  glaucoma, retinal changes, cataract, can creep up without us knowing.

We have help picked up many such conditions, thus preserving our patients' vision.  


Disposable Contact Lenses

Presbyopia Contact Lenses

For the above 40s, reading can be difficult, there are contact lenses that allow you to see far and near effortlessly.  Regain the convenience of "young" eyes again.

Available in Daily, Bi-weekly, Monthly disposable modalities.

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Transition Contact Lenses

The first-of-its-kind contact lens that seamlessly adapts to changing light for an all-day soothing vision from indoor to outdoor. 

Available in Bi-weekly disposable modalities.

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TORIC Contact lenses

If you have astigmatism, there are contact lenses designed for you to achieve a clear and sharp vision.  These are called toric contact lenses.  

Available in Daily, Bi-weekly, Monthly disposable modalities.

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