Terms & Conditions

  1. All merchandise sold is NON-REFUNDABLE. NO EXCHANGE is allowed for used, damaged, and altered goods.
  2. Eyecare People operates on a fixed price policy. All prices for products and services are non-negotiable. Discounts, promotions, or special offers, if any, will be explicitly mentioned by Eyecare People and will be applicable as per the terms and conditions specified for each.
  3. We only accept Cash or PayNow for $60 and below.
  4. For prescription glasses, patients are encouraged to have their eye test and glasses dispensed in the same location, as getting a physically and visually comfortable pair of glasses is complex. This is to safeguard your interest.
    • For patients who bring in their own prescription, we request that we are allowed to verify and refine their prescription before glasses are made.  So that we can be responsible for your glasses.
    • For patients who want to bring our prescription to another location, please ensure that the optometrist or optician verify and refines the prescription before the glasses are made.  So that they can be responsible for your glasses.  Eyecare People will not be responsible for any issues that arise from glasses or contact lenses not purchased from us.
  5. We handle every frame, both new and used, with the utmost care. With used/owned frames, wear and tear can result in micro-cracks that are not readily visible; these can weaken the frames and may result in peeling or even breakage when handled. As such, Eyecare People will not be responsible for any frame damages when servicing customer’s used/owned frame(s), including any frame adjustment, lens replacement, cleaning and maintenance of these frames.
  6. Repair services for manufacturing defects are available within 6 months from Date of Purchase. (The Company reserves the right to determine the repair service to be taken and to dispose of articles unclaimed for more than 12 months.)
  7. Eyecare People vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.
  8. Please handle all products, equipment and instruments in our premise with care. If damaged, they will be considered sold.

Disclaimer: Eyecare People reserves the right to change the prices of its products and services, and the terms and conditions of any discounts, promotions, or special offers, at any time without prior notice. While we make every effort to provide accurate information, inaccuracies or errors may occur. We are not responsible for such errors and reserve the right to correct them when discovered.