Almost everything that we do is dependent on our Eyes!

Eye Tests that we offered

1. Comprehensive Eye Exam for Adults

This 40 mins eye examination, will give us a more comprehensive view of your eyes, this takes us on a journey through your visual system, from the front to the back of your eyes.  Starting from detailed history taking, assessing how well you see at work and at play, your ability, and stamina to focus, the pressure of our eyeball, taking digital photos of the front and back of your eyes.  Our goal is to detect early changes and refer you to tertiary care if required.

We see this as a very important part of healthy vision and that is why we have intentionally priced this service to be very affordable so that everyone can benefit.

 This Consult covers screening for common vision-threatening conditions like cataract, glaucoma & age-related macular degeneration screening.  The Eye Exam will include

- Detailed Consultation
- Stereopsis Assessment
- Eye Muscles Assessment
- Intra-ocular Pressure examination
- Refraction (Distance & Near)
- Digital Corneal Imaging and examination
- Digital Retinal Imaging and examination

The consultation charge is between $80 to $120.

(All Services & Charges are subject to change without prior notice)

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2. Refraction (Check Eye Power)

This is usually done when glasses or contact lenses are prescribed.  With the help of different lenses, we aim to give you clear and comfortable vision, so that you can perform at your optimal.  

Refraction is a very important part of the overall eye examination, but it is only one of the many tests to check if your eyes are healthy.

This Consult takes about 25 mins, including the following:

- Detailed Consultation
- Computer Eye assessment
- Subjective Refraction

The consultation charge is $40.

(All Services & Charges are subject to change without prior notice)

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