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Myopia is very common in Singapore, affecting more than 80% of the adult population here.  Myopia in most cases is caused by the elongation of the eyeball, it’s symptom is blurry distance vision. The higher the myopia power, the longer the eyeball, this stretching of the eyeball tissue, greatly increases the risk of vision loss due to eye conditions like glaucoma, cataract, and retina pathology. 

It is important to know that traditional glasses, contact lenses and even refractive surgery, can help remove the symptoms of blurry vision, but does not solve the problem of increased risk of blindness due to excessive eyeball elongation. There are now myopia control technologies and methods that have been scientifically shown to slow down the progression of myopia by as high as 59%.  The goal is to reduce the risk of possible future vision loss caused by blinding eye diseases due to high myopia.

For children who have not yet developed myopia,  it is important that they develop good visual habits and spend sufficient time outdoor, scientists believe that sunlight triggers the release of dopamine which seems to slow down eyeball growth.

For children with strong parental myopia history, it is important to bring the child in for eye exams, even if they have yet to develop myopia.  This will allow us to take preventive measures if required.

Who should come for the Myopia consultation?

Children who demonstrate the below criteria should come to us for Myopia Control Consultation
• Children who are myopic between the age of 5 to 12
• Children who are experiencing increasing myopia year after year
• Children who have at least one parents who are myopic
• Children who spend excessive time on digital devices, reading and on near work

We believe that one solution does not solve all problems. Every child is different and there is a strong need to personalize solution(s) depending on the situation of each child. We tasked ourselves to be well-trained in the latest myopia control technologies and options, so that we have an array of solutions to offer to our patients.


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