Children Myopia Assessment

This is a detail eye examination, including interviewing of parents to understand myopia and other common eye diseases in the family tree, child's daily activity and lifestyle.  These are important information that allow us to determine the risk of myopia and differentiate slow versus fast myopia progressors.  Then we will run a series of test, to assess how well they can see far and their visual stamina to maintain clear sharp near vision.  This consult will take about 45 mins, covers amblyopia, astigmatism, squint & other common eye conditions among children.  It includes

 - Detail Interview of parent & child
- Color Vision & 3D Vision
- Eye Muscle Status & Stamina
- Accommodation Status & Stamina
- Refraction (Distance & Near)
- Digital Corneal Imaging and examination
- Digital Retinal Imaging and examination
- Consult on latest solution, discuss pros and cons of each and determine next steps